Interesting Facts about China

Flag of China

Interesting Facts about China
  • Name : Wǔxīng Hóngqí ("Five-starred Red Flag")  
  • Use : Civil and state flag, civil and state ensign
  • Proportion : 2:3
  • Adopted : September 27, 1949[1]
  • Design : A large golden star within an arc of four smaller golden stars, in the canton, on a field of Chinese red.
  • Designed by : Zeng Liansong

Interesting Facts about China 

#1 Wealthy people in china can hire their doubles to serve their life prison.

#2 China has overtaken the U.S. economy and stood 1st as the largest economy in the world.

#3 As compared to the United States, china has more English speakers.

#4 In China, people use 45 billion chopsticks every year.

#5 35 million people in China still live in caves.

#6 In China, the PlayStation is illegal.

#7 You can major in bra studies in China.

#8 Air pollution in China can increase the snowfall in California.

#9 The Great wall of china cannot be seen from space by the human eye, as it is commonly believed, rather it can be seen from aid.

#10 The construction of the great wall of China started around (770 – 476 BC).

#11 Many famous people and politicians visited the Great Wall of China  including Barak Obama, George W. Bush and many more.

#12 The construction of wall took over two thousand years.

#13 It is difficult to determine that how much people were engaged in the construction of the Great Wall, but it is estimated that number could have been high as 800000

#14 About 10 million people visit the Great Wall of China every year.

#15 Thousands of battles have been fought in at the wall over the centuries.

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